My Realistic Fiction Story

The Worst Best Year Ever

Hi I’m Declaration Johnson! My parents got divorced a year ago. I live with my mom. I go to YUB Elementary school. My best friend is Comfort Snowberger. Florentine is the school bully. I get bullied but Comfort does not. It feels wrong to have one person who hates me. It was the first day of the fourth grade. I was feeling happy and confident! Then I saw Florentine, my spirit dropped. I turned my back toward the school buses. I saw Comfort getting off the bus. I smiled a half smile.

I saw my teacher in the  classroom through the window. I darted toward the classroom. “Hi Miss,” I said.

“Hi, what’s wrong?” she said. 

“Oh,” I said, “just the first day jitters.”

“Oh everybody gets those,” she said. I felt a little bit better. 

“Who is in the clas?” I asked? 

“Oh well there’s Florentine and bliha.” Her words turned to nonsense as soon as she said Florentine. I shivered. I ran outside when Miss Lowry went to get the class. Time flew by so fast it was already time for recess. Before I went out,  I heard there were three recess that day! I went out to recess. I ran to meet Comfort she looked worried.

“What’s wrong?” I asked. 

“I saw Florentine,” she said.

 “Oh,” I said.

I began to quiver. Florentine was walking toward us. I stayed where I was. I felt so scared I almost cried. Right then the school bell rang. 

“Brrrring!” It said. The bell had  saved me!

I sat far away from Florentine. But she sat a table away from me. She started a chant that sounded like this… “Declaration is a baby she cries to mommy!” The whole lunch room caught on fast. I was embarrassed! Comfort went over there. All of a sudden Florentine looked worried. But then she put out her foot. BAM! Comfort face planted. The whole lunchroom laughed. Comfort’s cheeks turned red of embarrassment. I ran over to her. Teacher saw me with Comfort. She ran over. “What’s wrong?” she said. 

“Oh… um…ya…uh. No!” She began to cry. 

“What went wrong?” she asked. She paused. 

“Oh I tripped,” she said. 

“Oh! How?” Miss Lowry asked. 

“I don’t know.” 

“Well let’s go back to class,” she said. We went back to class. The time ran by me faster than a cheetah. It was time to go home. Me and Comfort walked home together. Comfort said, “Now I know how you feel.” 

That night I thought to myself, “Tomorrow I’m going to stand up taller than my greatest fear.”

The next day I found Florentine and told her what she did was wrong. She did not take this well. She looked so mad. Before I could run she came at me like a missile. I got knocked to the ground. It hurt! The bell rang! We ran to the line up. I told the teacher. She told me to go see the school counselor! I went, she was so nice. Her name was Mrs. Roberts. She said, “I will come with you to talk to Florentine.” I was so happy that someone would come with me to stand up to Florentine. So we went. We talked to her.  Florentine blushed and looked like she had sympathy for me for once. Then Florentine told me a joke! “Friends?” I asked her.

“Friends,” she responded.

 Now we are friends. We are very close.  Mrs.Roberts saved the day and a friendship!


  1. I Love Your Story! Do you have any pets at home.

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