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Four things that I like

                     I love those four things do you?

My favorite toy

My favorite toy is a Lynx named Larry. He is a beanie boo. He comforts me. I love him!

This is a lynx like Larry, but Larry is a beanie boo.

I love stuffed animals

Many people say stuffed animals are only for kids. But stuffed animals can help or comfort anyone, adult or kid. I love stuffed animals because they comfort me, they listen to me, and they make me happy.


I love stuffed animals because they comfort me. For example, when I’m sad, the softness of the animal makes me glad to be there. In addition, when I’m sad I snuggle it and I feel better. In other words, I love stuffed animals and they make me feel comforted. One animal that is a comfort for me is a deer named Twig. Twig is very soft and she makes me feel comforted.


Another reason that I love stuffed animals is they listen to me. For example, when I’m having a hard day I tell them everything. To add on, I tell them my secrets like something I did that no one else knows. One animal that knows a lot of my secrets is a Linx named Larry. Larry is a good listener.


And most of all, I love stuffed animals because they make me happy. One time I was not feeling good and I had one animal in my arms. After I felt better, I realized that my stuffed animal was there the whole time and I wasn’t alone. The animal that was there the whole time is a lion named Harry. I received him in speech therapy so I know that he is very patient and he can wait till I’m better.


As you can see, my stuffed animals are very important to me. They comfort me when I’m sad. I can tell them things that I can’t tell anyone else. They’re always there for me and that makes me happy. I think stuffed animals can help or comfort anyone–adult or child.That’s why I love stuffed animals.


What’s your favorite stuffed animal?         

My emoji story

😀 🚙😁🐬😬⌚😂😮😍🐬

I was on my way to see sharks I could not wait! We were there I was so excited. I love sharks!


This is a true story. This is my favorite animal! Whats your favorite animal?

Going on in my mind

An interest of mine is our bodies. It is so interesting how we all have our very own mind and brain. We all have our own feelings family and problems. Some people think that it would be terrible to be disabled but I like to think its just another experience in life. They are so cool!


Which one?

I love sharks

YUM! Tastes like human!


Feelings can be good and bad. Like when you lie it feels like your sinking.When your exited you feel happy.It is so amazing that we have feelings. They help you know how you feel. If we didn’t have them we wouldn’t know how we feel.And that leads to they help you and others know how to treat us.It might not feel like there important but they are very important.You couldn’t be happy and its like the best feeling.



The Goshutes


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