The Dance Department at Orem High School fulfills a vital role for students in providing artistic opportunities during their public education experience. It has the ability to cultivate grit, intellect, and character in students, along with the skills to creatively thrive as a citizen in the 21st century. Our students currently have the opportunity to audition for Orem Dance Company (ODC) or Orem Ballroom Team (OBT), or take one of our open-enrollment classes: Urban Dance, Dance I and Dance II. This means we have a solid foundation with plenty of room to grow! I am excited about what the program already offers, and am looking forward to building further.

Donations from the community to the Dance Department will directly provide students with more relevant, authentic, and high-quality experiences throughout the class–especially when it comes to the production of our concerts.

If you are interested in directly contributing to the function and growth of the Dance Department here at Orem High, please consider donating. Again, all funds received will go directly to benefitting our OHS dance students.

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Thank you!