No one knew why Steelheart was the way he was, but I knew. How I know you ask? Well because I had seen him change , right in front of me at a bank I had gone too my whole life with revolving doors and so tall you couldn’t see the top. Steelheart grew up in the home of his wonderful parents. His parents were very supportive and loving. Steelheart was a happy and humble child who loved being at home and at school. He loved playing with other kids and greatly loved his parents. But something happened to Steelheart when he turned 7 years old that changed his life. Steelheart was greatly changed unintentionally.

As Steelheart and his dad were on the way to the bank to figure out mortgages, Steelheart’s dad kept repeating, “If you see a man in a black suit and black sunglasses with green rims, please let me know Steel”. Steelheart had no idea why his dad was so worried about this man. As Steelheart and his dad got to the bank, Steelheart’s dad walked up to the front desk. The desk manager whispered, “It will be a second, you may want to sit down”. As Steelheart and his dad sat down, Steelheart picked up a Tigers bop teenager magazine. His dad then murmured, “I got to go to the bathroom, stay here kid.” Steelheart glanced up and grinned.

Steelheart had realized he had been waiting for his dad to come back from the bathroom for 20 mins now. As Steelheart was sitting down, a man in black, and sunglasses with green rims, came around the corner, and sat right next to Steelheart. Steelheart thought nothing of it, until the man whispered, “Hey kid, where is your dad?” Steelheart glanced up and replied, “He has been in the bathroom for 20 minutes now, why?” The man in black got up and put his hand out to shake Steelheart’s hand. Steelheart got up and shook his hand, but as he was shaking his hand, his arm and the man’s arm were glowing white. As Steelheart was shaken from the glowing, he looked up into the man’s eyes, and the man’s eyes were glowing as well. 5 minutes after, the man walked away, there was a gunshot that came from the bathroom. Steelheart knew it was his dad.

Steelheart later on developed powers. Steelheart had no idea how he had gotten the powers, but he had gotten his powers from the man in black with the green rimmed sunglasses.

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