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The first book I am interested in is The Statistical Probability of Love at First Love, by Jennifer E. Smith. The reason why I am interested in this series because it seems more real-life, and I am interested in romance and relationships, because I do want to be a marriage and relationship counselor. The next book I am going to read is, Just one day, written by Gayle Forman, second book by her I would read is, Just One Year. The last book by Gayle Forman, is Just one Night. How I chose the series, Gayle Forman, because I had heard her romantic books and real-life books, were realistic. Also I have, read If I stay. I liked her styling of writing. I have not read any of the books so far, but I am going to start reading, after my book-talk. I chose these books because I love reading deep real-life books. I have a feeling, I will love the series I chose and I am excited.

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