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As a reader, I’m alright with how often I read but it definitely could be more. I first learned to read when I was in the first grade at about seven years old. Back then my favorite book was anything from the Elephant and Piggie series. Now being older since then I’ve obviously read so many more books, my absolute favorite of all time being Crazy Rich Asians.  I used to always like to read outside around nature because the sounds and smells of scenery always made reading feel peaceful, but now I just prefer to be up alone tucked in my room or in a quiet indoor space. Currently I like to read romantic comedy books with some drama in them, but even just comedy books I really like too. However I like to stick to reading one book at a time, because reading multiple just makes me feel overwhelmed and I end up stopping completely. My favorite in general to read are the funny feel good types of books.

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