I chose japan because i have always been fascinated about japan and there strong cutler and history.  there are around 126 million people who live in japan, there capital is Tokyo and most people live there with 9.27 million another major city in japan is Osaka you can eat a fried maple leaf in Osaka. they speak madoran, and standard Japanese. there are a lot of people that live there that they have to live really close space so they have a lot of disease and covid 19. there main religion is Shinto.  January first new years day is there biggest holiday. they have mount Fuji whits is a really big and cool looking mountain and, they have really good snow called japow.

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  • rrhodehouse says:

    Thanks Brayden! Good information here. Don’t forget to check editing things like capital letters and spelling. 😉 How did this add to your understanding?

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