climbing into another person’s skin

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i feel like it’s the saying put yourself in another persons shoes because like you get their point of view just so you can understand what they are feeling like if your being rude to someone climb into their skin like imagine what their feeling so i feel like that’s the main idea about it just so you know what that person feels like cuz if like someone is struggling in life and your over here spoiled and ungrateful for everything put yourself in their skin imagine what they feel like what they go through while you have everything and your still ungrateful for it

everybody was finally equal

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As of right now their is so many things that people bring each other down for like people bring each other down for having ugly cars or having ugly clothes or shoes or being dumb but i feel like the big things people bring others down for these days is being gay and being any other race than white white people will bully you make jokes about you and spread rumors about you just for being a different race iv’e been bullied before just for being a Latino. Also people bully people for who  they like we bully each other for liking the same gender or liking all genders people will tell you to kill yourself just for being who you are


What’s on my mind

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Hmm i’m kinda not tired at all i’m kinda in a bad mood right now just because i’m in this class not that i don’t like English i like it just some people are really sensitive and it’s kinda annoying to me because like dude chill out your not gonna die if one of us sneeze like never mind  i’ll get in trouble if i say the rest but i started the second season of The end of the F***ing it’s such a good show their word choices are good and it’s very intertaining but like i feel so emo and it’s weird but at least i look cute i think that someone should kill president trump just because he’s annoying like nobody cares if your homophobic and nobody cares about you being racist like if you were to fall of the face of the planet no one would miss you anyways my underwear are so comfy and people keep touching them



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what does this got to do with me

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this one time me and my friends were about to meet up to go hangout and as all of us slowly got there our plans took a turn we were super hyped and excited about going out to park city and shop at the stores drink hot chocolate and have a fun day in the city but on our way up there the car stops. we were stuck we stayed stuck in the mountains for so long no one stopped to help then it became night time nd got really cold and we finally went to a phone and called somebody.




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the story of an hour- online discussion

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I like the story in a way it’s not the best well personally i think its okay. so i like how she starts out silent in a room upstairs because we didn’t get the story until  green told us about men owning the land and pretty much owning their wives so when reading the story i  thought she was just happy because maybe he was abusive or something maybe he was always drunk but then my thought’s changed after learning when this story took place then i figured out that she was happy because she was free and even in the story she says FREE FREE FREE. I thought that was cool but reading the end made me kind mad because the doctors think she died of joy which she clearly didn’t it just makes me think that their all full of them selfs.


To start out with a couple things that stood out to me at the beginning is how when her sister went to tell her that her husband died she was like shook and when she went upstairs into her room she just sat their and when she thought about good stuff instead on the bad ones. I also just wanted to know where was the husband? was he working somewhere else was he on a lunch break was he cheating? also if the husband did die which he didn’t i wanted to know what she was gonna do with everything? was she gonna re-marry or maybe be a widow for the rest of her life?




suspense and word choice

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He took down the “for sale” sign and walked back into his new house it was a old farm house he moved in with his wife they were bringing in boxes when they heard a loud thud upstairs they walked up there to check it out they weren’t worried or anything, then on there way up they heard it again they ran up their to check it out their was a old lady on a hospital bed with 2 nurses talking to her they were shocked just standing their suddenly the nurse took a slings shot out and slung a rock into the old lady face.

Locked inside poetry analysis

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At first we all thought the girl in the story was sad and she was trapped in a room but then someone came up with the idea on how she could just be trapped in her mind and in her thoughts then. Mr green told us to keep coming up with things so people said things like maybe shes trapped in a room then mr green told us to look at the date of when the poem was written and in that time the great depression was going on so he told us about women not having rights and how they are pretty much property so then he hit us all with the idea on how maybe the girl feels trapped because she cant do anything they weren’t allowed to go to college or have a good job or vote so we think its about women’s rights in the great depression.


Struggles women faced: | Women During The Great Depression

i can use figurative language

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the phone rang as loud as my sister, i was making popcorn so i calmly walked over i said “hello?” someone says back “oh sorry i think i have the wrong number” i carelessly say “its fine bye”. The phone rings again i pick up he says “whats your favorite scary movie?” i throw the phone, i say to myself  “this isn’t happening” i run to my room where my phone was charging i pick up my phone when the lights go out, “no service?” i Scream as loud as i can. I fly down the stairs running as fast as i can to the front door,  the phone rings i pick it up scared out of my mind he says “don’t hang up on me like that!!!” he comes through the window slamming and breaking it i run he’s right behind me! i run out the back door he’s gone “oh crap what do i do” i run towards the front he pops out and he slices my arm open i try running hes throws me in through the garage window i yell “what do you want from me” as the door opens i stand up he runs toward me i dodge him i grave an old flower vase and throw it at his head the doors are locked!! I scream help! help! not thinking i try going through the doggy door that’s on the garage door i only get through half way i’m stuck he gets up and clicks the button to opens the garage door i screaming louder and louder “why are you doing this” struggling on trying to get unstuck the the wall bites down on me my head squished my guts all over the floor half my body on the floor half of it stuck in the garage door. my blood runs down the driveway drip, drip, drip.


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2095 what will the future be like

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You wake up your still alive, your suprised your not dead yet, you walk downstairs and pass where you buried your family you keep walking trying to keep your tears in as you walk you start having flashbacks you remember all videos that you watched on your phone about the world dying getting polluted saving the oceans but you didn’t care. No one cared that’s why every one is dead, dead in your town your state your country you ask yourself  how am i still here, why am i still here as you push threw all the ruins you find some food you eat it and now its time to go find fresh water. you look and look one hour turns to 2, two turns to four and four turns to 8 you lay there as the sun goes down dehydrated feeling the life go out of you then you fall asleep.


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am i’m doing right and what i cant still do better

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This class is fun i do mostly everything right I always turn in my work on time i don’t have any missing assignments in this class i always get everything done when i’m supposed to i pay attention during class i read during reading time all the time i like reading its fun i’m doing way better then i used to last year last year i had a whole bunch of missing assignments all the time never paid attention my teacher was mean and this year hes nice and isn’t just yelling all the time and i’m really happy about that so this year is going way better then last thanks to baby Jesus.








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