My siblings essay

Are your siblings important to you? My siblings are important to me because they help me feel special, they make me feel happy when I’m sad, and they help me feel smart.

First, they help me feel special. For example, when my little brother was born I had a sickness called foot in mouth. My other brother and sister went and gave me some crackers and jello. That made me feel special.

The next reason why my siblings are important to me is because they make me feel happy when I’m sad. One way they do this is they play games with me when no one else will. For example, we were having family game night and no one wanted to play with me, but my siblings said they would. I bet they wanted to play something else, but they played with me instead. That made me happy.

And most of all, they make me feel smart.They ask me when they need help. Sometimes my little brother is doing homework and needs help and asks me. That makes me feel important and smart.

I like my siblings because they help me through the hard times in my life. They make me feel special, happy, and smart. That is why they are important to me.

Can you list three reasons why your siblings are important to you?

My Brother

My brother can get really annoying. That is because he has anger issues. So when he gets mad I run. Usually I get hurt, and that’s why I run. He gets mad at really dumb things like, “I don’t want to got o basketball practice!” Or when we are in California he says, “Let’s go out to the beach!” And if my parents say no. He gets really mad. He tries his best to annoy me and my brother. He gets mad at me for trying to play ping pong. Even though he is really annoying I still love him.

What I Do The Night Before Christmas

I am so excited! It is Christmas eve and my cousins are over for Christmas. There are some presents under the tree, some are big and some are small. I’m sipping a cup of hot chocolate after playing out side in the snow with my cousins. My sister is popping  some popcorn for the movie we are going to watch! I can’t wait!


I love Halloween! Last  year I was a Three Amego with my brother. And the year before that I was Batman in 6 years! 🙂 This year I’m going to be Kidnapped! What are you going to be for Halloween?


All About Me!

Hi I am Ryan, I am 10 years old. I love Soccer, Football, and other sports. I have 6 people in my family I love The Spiderwickcronicl sires! I love me.