My Brother

My brother can get really annoying. That is because he has anger issues. So when he gets mad I run. Usually I get hurt, and that’s why I run. He gets mad at really dumb things like, “I don’t want to got o basketball practice!” Or when we are in California he says, “Let’s go out to the beach!” And if my parents say no. He gets really mad. He tries his best to annoy me and my brother. He gets mad at me for trying to play ping pong. Even though he is really annoying I still love him.

4 thoughts on “My Brother

  1. Ryan,

    You have a lot of reasons for why your brother is annoying! However, I’m glad you still love him. I really like how you said that he tries his best to annoy you and your brother. Is this annoying brother younger or older? I’m guessing he’s younger. Am I right?

    Mrs. Chew

  2. Good post. I have a younger sister that could be really cute one minute and very sassy the next. I still like being around her though.

    1. I have a cousin who is the sassiest in the world.
      How sassy is your sister on a scale of 1 to 10? My cousin is a 9ish

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