The first picture is of a parking lot. This relates to the story because it was where Justyce was wrongly detained, and this event started the whole story.

The second picture is of airpods. This represents the music Justyce and Manny were listening to when they were shot at the red light.

The third picture is of a handicapped logo. This represents how Manny was killed and Justyce was severely injured after they got killed.

I feel like the author wrote it somewhat believable. The wrongful arrest, and the conflict with Jared are believable. However, the ending where they get shot multiple times for playing music loud is pretty unbelievable. But I think the point of it was that it is supposed to be unbelievable to show that even in the most obvious cases, black people are still blamed. I liked the book, it was a short story with good character development and lessons taught in an interesting story.

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