The poem I found about Laos was called Chaos In Laos. In the first part it said how their beauty was taken away and they couldn’t find it. They say stuff about how it was taken away and how they reacted. They are being treated poorly and every time they try and show love it gets crushed.

In the poem they used the word dodgy which means that it is dishonest or unreliable. It also uses the word endeavors. This means that they try hard to achieve something. This builds onto to the story by showing that they were under unreliable resources but they still tried hard to get the best out of it. The first section in the poem says, “looked up and down, right and left wondering why life suffers a theft.” this shows that they tried to look everywhere but they couldn’t find the beauty that was taken from them. Another imagery I found was, “where to detractors we surrender, stuck owing bucks to vendor who dares to crush our love in his blender.” This brought a good meaning to the poem by giving a different vision of how they were treated. So that every time they tried to show or give love it was crushed or taken away. For the syntax the poem doesn’t have sentences but they used different lengths of lines.

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  1. Nice review of your piece. Thanks for sharing! Great analysis of the devices you saw here. That really added to your discussion!

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