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On Stealing

one of the first times that liesel stole something is when she took the “grave diggers handbook”. And i think that she took so that she would have something that reminded her of her brother. And the consequences are that shes been starting to do it more often and stealing more than just a small book. And the consequence’s that she’s going to have in the future is that she might get caught stealing or shes going to start stealing even more often then she already is or shes just going to depend on stealing instead of working for something.

Are Books Dangerous?

i think that they are nervous about the kind of books that the people read because books can make people have certain opinions and start to change how they see something books can be dangerous because they can show people things and they can also be dangerous because if the book always has a happy ending then people are gonna think that everything has a happy ending and i think that books can be dangerous to anyone who reads them and i think that books can also be liberating because they can make you think things that just can’t happen or think that they can have something that they can’t.

the book thief so far

the things that i like about the book thief is the characters but i think that its a really confusing book and sometimes i have to read a page more than three times to sort of understand whats going on but i also like that the narrator is death and i don’t like Rosa i think that shes mean to lisle for no reason because she always does what shes told but she always just has a problem with it and i like the way that the story is being told except for the part that it can sometimes be confusing.

word nerd 2.1

source:i found this word in the book wonder by RJ Pallacio page number 188

context:”i think she used the phrase craniofacial anomaly.”

in their words:”something that deviates from what is slandered,normal or expected.”

in my words:when something is int normal or when something is int right or when something is int the way its supposed to be.

What Would It Be Like?

I would probably be really sad and wouldn’t want to do anything and i would be sad all the time and would hate everyone and everything i think that since they’re so young that it probably would be a little bit easier because you haven’t been with those people for a long time and they would probably have to survive by just doing what there told and listening to everything people say and would have to be able to take care of yourself

What I look for in a Good Character

The things that I look for in a good character is they cant be annoying or bratty and they also have to be nice and sometimes I like them better if there not the main character because sometimes I get tired of hearing about the main character and I have to know a lot about them and what they’ve been through because if I don’t know a lot about them I wont really care about them or what happens to them because then its just like having someone you don’t know die you just don’t really care because you don’t know what kind of person they are.

word nerd 1.11

source:The haunting f sunshine girl and the author is Paige McKenzie and its on page number 262

context:” I stare at the knife manifest already my hand is shaking so hard im scared im gonna drop it”

in their words:” clear or obvious to the eye or mind”

in my words: when something is happening in plain sight and when something is obvious.

word nerd 1.10

source: The haunting of sunshine girl the author is Paige McKenzie and it page 161.

context:” Instead of nightmares about spiders, i dream about the little girl in the tattered the one i dreamt of in our first night here.”

in their words:” old and torn in bad condition” 

in my words: for something to be ripped or torn.

word nerd 1.9

source: The haunting of sunshine girl the author is Paige McKenzie and its on page number 258

context:” Thais awfully optimistic of you ” i finally said.”

in their words:” hopeful and confident about the future”

In my words: to be happy or to have happy thoughts about the future.

word nerd 1.8

source:splendors and gloom’s author Laura Amy shill page number 338

context:” Tentatively she said ” Mr Grisini shes dead.”

in their words:” done without confidence or hesitant.”

in my words:not holding back on saying something.

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