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on November 9, 2020

Yemen has a population of 30,043,405 people in its country. Most of the people that live in Abyan, Sana’a, and Lahij. Abyan and Lahij are coastalĀ  states next to the red sea. Sana’a is capital and it has about 3.937 million residents. Another major city is Aden. Aden is on the coast and a very populated area. It is a place of an oil refinery. The official language of Yemen is Arabic. Yemen is known to be a religious country and has many cities that are in the Bible. 99% of the people that live there are Muslims. Because of Yemen being a religious country, they celebrate religious holidays like End of Ramaden and Feast of Sacrifice. They also have a holiday called Unity day. It was the day that the people unitify north and south Yemen.



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