Book Show & Tell 2: The Unlikelies

I picked up this book because I found it at the dollar store and the cover was super cute! I didn’t think i’d ever read it, but I did. I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting the book was. It is about how Sadie was going to work at the farm stand and have a boring summer now that her best friend is leaving to a camp. One day at the farm stand an abusive dad leaves his baby in the car and she tries to save the baby. She gets the dad arrested and potentially helps the baby. She is invited to a luncheon for homegrown hero’s, nominated by an old man that comes to the farm stand a lot. At the luncheon she meets a lot of other people. Some she knew and others she just met. Sadie finds out that the old man who nominated her was dying and she visits him, He tells her that he left a suitcase that she needs to do good with. Sadie and her new found friends go on adventures and try and do small things like stopping cyberbullies online to help make the world a better and nicer place. Sadie finds jewels in the suitcase that are worth a lot of money. She doesn’t know what to do with them yet. The Unliklies help stop a drug house and help a friend get out of it and by then summer is almost over. So Sadie gives some of the jewels to her friends and she held on to the jewels for a good cause. I liked the book! It showed some struggle in all of the characters they all were unique and faced different things. I enjoyed one friend in specific named Alice, she’s dealing with a friend that is an addict. Alice struggles with knowing her friend is struggling but isn’t letting er help. I liked her because I was experiencing something similar to her. I’d recommend it to someone who likes rom-coms because there is also a love story intertwined with the story. Overall I really enjoyed the movie and i’m glad I picked it up in the dollar store when I did!

Blog Post #8: E&P Soundtrack

My group and I made a soundtrack that helped us represent the book Eleanor and Park and I liked a lot of the songs that we put together! A few songs that I think fit super well into the story are ” I want to hold your hand”, ” Wouldn’t it be nice”, and “Piece by piece”. “I want to hold your hand” by the Beatles is my favorite song from the soundtrack because I felt like it helps us see into Park and Eleanor’s mind a little bit. They just want to hold each others hand on the bus. I also feel it is very fitting because the Beatles were one of Eleanor’s favorite bands and she made Park a mixtape of their songs. I loved the young love feel to the book and that’s why we put in the songs “Love Story” and “Wouldn’t it be nice” because both of those songs were about how young love is a different kind of love and you feel you need the other. In the book when they were talking about Romeo and Juliet they talked a little about young love then too so “Love Story” was a perfect addition. I liked our soundtrack, I just didn’t know all of the songs that we put on there. What makes me a little angry about the book is that Richie never gets what he deserves. He made Eleanor’s life miserable as well as the rest of her family, I was hoping he’d get arrested for abuse but he never did. I’m sad we don’t get to find out if Park and Eleanor get to see each other again but I think it was a good way to end the book and let us imagine. I enjoyed the book a lot and would recommend it to others!

Blog Post #7: Talking Pictures


Talking Pictures:

The picture of the eye is for the eyeliner that Park puts on. His dad gets pretty angry but he likes it and Eleanor likes it. This is an important scene because its when Park realizes that he can be who he wants to be and he shoudn’t feel embarassed. 
The picture of the bus is stand for how they first met. Park saw Eleanor and didn’t really like her a lot. He finally let her sit down next to him on the bus but was sorta rude to Eleanor. The bus is where the whole relationship started. Park began bringing comic books for Eleanor to read and listen to music, this is when they found out they had similar interests.The picture of the comic books are for when Park loaned Eleanor his comic books for her to read. This was when they first started talking to each other. He would also loan her mix tapes and his walkman. The love for comic books, specifically the x-men comics, were the first thing they had in common.

I really enjoyed the book and I’ve finished it all! When I was reading and Eleanor had been running away from her family, I thought then that it would wrap up with Eleanor leaving Park. I didn’t want it to end that way but I got a little bit of Romeo and Juliet vibes that they wouldn’t be able to stay with each other. It turns out that’s how it ended. It didn’t tell us what happens after that which lets it remain a mystery if Park gets to see Eleanor again. I like that we don’t get to know cause it makes it a little more realistic and things don’t always turn out the way we want them to, but I was hoping for them a happy ending which I can still imagine happens. I think the book was really good and I’d recommend it to other people!

Blog Post #6: Social Issues in my book

Some issues in our book are racism, domestic violence, bullying and stereotypes. There are some places that help with this, Safe UT is an example of a place to help. Social services helps with abuse in the home. You can talk to counselors or a trusted parent or teacher that can help with bullying and self-esteem. The author created two main characters that both go through different social justice issues. This helps us see into some different issues and how they deal with them. Park is Asian and he deals with stereotypes with his mother being Korean. Eleanor is red head and a little bigger, she also is in a abusive home with her mom and her step dad. She also has lots of other little kids living in the abusive home with her. I like the book so far. I feel like it touches on the social issues really good and makes us actually see how it affects the characters. I have read a few social justice books and they are okay, but sometimes can make me sad and angry.

Book Show & Tell: Anna Dressed in Blood

So I’m not a huge fan of scary things but this book was pretty good! It is about a boy named Cas and he is part of a bloodline that kills ghosts. In the beginning we find out that his father gets killed by a ghost which passes on the legacy to Cas. He and his mom go around the world so Cas can kill ghosts. One ghost in particular catches his eye and he plans on getting her next, her name is Anna. Anna dressed in blood. Anna is a very powerful ghost and Cas isn’t able to kill her on his own, he finds out that Anna want to be killed and she doesn’t like that she murders whomever comes into her house. Cas connects with her and sympathizes with her. He makes a few friends and they form a witchcraft circle around Anna to weaken her and find out her story. They find her dress that she was supposed to wear to her dance and she puts it on and it lets her be herself instead of the evil Anna. Another ghosts comes and kills some people and it ends up to be the ghost that killed Cas’s father. Cas and Anna really like each other so Anna agrees to help him kill the ghost, Anna ends up having to bring him and her far under the earth never to come up again. The book ends with Cas trying to figure out a way to get Anna back. I’d recommend this book if you like spooky and romance books!

Blog Post #5: Steelheart Final

It all depends on how the heroes and villians use their skills and abilities. I think that humans do have a real role in hero stories because its not the special skills that make the person a hero, in Steelheart it showed that.

I liked the plot and story line, I also liked that we got to expeirence the scene of his father in the bank because it helped us understand his revenge for Steelheart and how David must feel. I wished I knew more about the other reckoners past life and also the epics past life. This is probably because he has other books but I just haven’t read them. I wanted to learn more about the factory that he had school in to and how that effected his life.

We are choosing to to the podcast. We are going to do it about living and just being alive. This is important because he finally learns what its like to live and not be so obsessed with revenge. He develops relation ships with people and it changes him.

Blog Post #4: Series Planning

I’m going to read the rest of the reckoner series. I chose this because I really liked the first book and I wanted to find out what happens next. I am almost finished with the first book Steelheart and I’m going to be reading Firefight as soon as I finish the other two books I have been reading!

Blog Post #3: Bookish Comfort

I feel I have a ton of bookish comforts! I love reading books that I can later obsess about with other people, and books that make me think about them when I’m not reading. I also like having the physical book in my hands but also enjoy when I have an audible book that the reader makes the story come to life. I love when you lose track of time because of how indulged you are in the book. I also love passing through in stores and library’s just seeing pretty covers and reading summaries about books that I’ve never heard of. Fan art is also really cool to see and can help me bring the story to life in my mind. One book that I just couldn’t stop reading was the second book in “To all the boys I’ve Loved Before” called “Always and Forever”! I lost track of all time and was so excited to talk to someone else about it. Another things that I love is recommending a book to someone or letting someone borrow a book that I had suggested, for example I let my cousin borrow my TATBILB series books! I think my ideal time to read is on a rainy day probably in the morning and then after reading being able to go outside in the rain!

Blog Post #2: Steelheart’s Backstory

Steelhearts backstory

The world was changing. The bright moon in the sky had just appeared one day and never faded away. Beneath the bright new reddish moon was a town called Newcago. The city was in chaos because of a supernatural phenomenon. Random citizens were granted powers and few were trying out the new power that they held. The citizens who didn’t receive the powers were bitter and hated upon those who had been gifted. They were now the outcasts in the society. It was hard to control the gift that they had received. Many of the newly powered epics were now being controlled over by the governments for their own use.

A young boy grew up among the hatred of the epics and was forced to hide his own true identity. He had been one to gain the so called despicable  powers. His own parents had no idea of his power that he held. He went to school like a regular school boy, learning about the evils of these epics and occasionally hearing of another epic who was captured by the government. His classmates would often say things like “I hate epics” and “I hope they all get destroyed.”  He was filled with fear and was very quiet in class dreading the moment anyone figures out who he really was. The boy had met another wise epic the day that they both gained powers. The epic ever since then had been his mentor. His Mentor was kind and good hearted. They did everything together because they were each others only true friends who were able to share their supernatural gifts.

The boys mentor helped the city out for the good, he went around saving kittens from trees and helping stop burning houses. But one day while the two were hanging out the boys mentor had been called upon. There was a fire in an old abandoned house on the outskirts of town. The mentor and the boy made their way to go help with the fire. This was the first time the mentor had ever let the boy come with him. The mentor had said “You are ready kid.” .They arrived at the house and the mentor invited the boy to come in to help him check for survivors. They searched into the burning house and hadn’t found anybody. As they were about to leave to help calm the fire down a loud explosion rung out.

A bomb had been placed underneath the building purposefully. The bomb had wiped the whole building out in one sweep. The boy awoke in ash and tried to find his mentor that he loved dearly. The boy searched and searched for him yet there was no sign of the good hearted man. The boy got home sobbing and watched the news to see that they were doing a segment on the incident. They had said that they were very happy to inform that they killed another of the destructive epics. The boy filled with anger and sadness used his not well developed powers and struck his house to make it steel. His family left quickly abandoning him and he was left with his steel house with his steel heart.

Blog Post #1: Introduction

Hello everyone! My name is Sesly Fowler. I learned how to read around first grade and I’ve enjoyed reading ever since. A few of my favorite books have been Red Rising, Unbroken, and First They Killed my Father. I like to read in my room or outside in nature, I try to read in the car but I get very dizzy! I really like to read about disasters and see the characters develop and grow throughout the hardships. I personally only like to read one book at a time because its easier for me to keep track, however when I do read two books at the same time I love to compare them to each other. My favorite types of books to read are Historical Fiction, Dystopian society’s, and just recently I’ve begun to like Science Fiction.

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