Blog Post #2: Steelheart’s Backstory

Steelhearts backstory

The world was changing. The bright moon in the sky had just appeared one day and never faded away. Beneath the bright new reddish moon was a town called Newcago. The city was in chaos because of a supernatural phenomenon. Random citizens were granted powers and few were trying out the new power that they held. The citizens who didn’t receive the powers were bitter and hated upon those who had been gifted. They were now the outcasts in the society. It was hard to control the gift that they had received. Many of the newly powered epics were now being controlled over by the governments for their own use.

A young boy grew up among the hatred of the epics and was forced to hide his own true identity. He had been one to gain the so called despicable¬† powers. His own parents had no idea of his power that he held. He went to school like a regular school boy, learning about the evils of these epics and occasionally hearing of another epic who was captured by the government. His classmates would often say things like “I hate epics” and “I hope they all get destroyed.”¬† He was filled with fear and was very quiet in class dreading the moment anyone figures out who he really was. The boy had met another wise epic the day that they both gained powers. The epic ever since then had been his mentor. His Mentor was kind and good hearted. They did everything together because they were each others only true friends who were able to share their supernatural gifts.

The boys mentor helped the city out for the good, he went around saving kittens from trees and helping stop burning houses. But one day while the two were hanging out the boys mentor had been called upon. There was a fire in an old abandoned house on the outskirts of town. The mentor and the boy made their way to go help with the fire. This was the first time the mentor had ever let the boy come with him. The mentor had said “You are ready kid.” .They arrived at the house and the mentor invited the boy to come in to help him check for survivors. They searched into the burning house and hadn’t found anybody. As they were about to leave to help calm the fire down a loud explosion rung out.

A bomb had been placed underneath the building purposefully. The bomb had wiped the whole building out in one sweep. The boy awoke in ash and tried to find his mentor that he loved dearly. The boy searched and searched for him yet there was no sign of the good hearted man. The boy got home sobbing and watched the news to see that they were doing a segment on the incident. They had said that they were very happy to inform that they killed another of the destructive epics. The boy filled with anger and sadness used his not well developed powers and struck his house to make it steel. His family left quickly abandoning him and he was left with his steel house with his steel heart.

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