Blog Post #3: Bookish Comfort

I feel I have a ton of bookish comforts! I love reading books that I can later obsess about with other people, and books that make me think about them when I’m not reading. I also like having the physical book in my hands but also enjoy when I have an audible book that the reader makes the story come to life. I love when you lose track of time because of how indulged you are in the book. I also love passing through in stores and library’s just seeing pretty covers and reading summaries about books that I’ve never heard of. Fan art is also really cool to see and can help me bring the story to life in my mind. One book that I just couldn’t stop reading was the second book in “To all the boys I’ve Loved Before” called “Always and Forever”! I lost track of all time and was so excited to talk to someone else about it. Another things that I love is recommending a book to someone or letting someone borrow a book that I had suggested, for example I let my cousin borrow my TATBILB series books! I think my ideal time to read is on a rainy day probably in the morning and then after reading being able to go outside in the rain!

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