Blog Post #5: Steelheart Final

It all depends on how the heroes and villians use their skills and abilities. I think that humans do have a real role in hero stories because its not the special skills that make the person a hero, in Steelheart it showed that.

I liked the plot and story line, I also liked that we got to expeirence the scene of his father in the bank because it helped us understand his revenge for Steelheart and how David must feel. I wished I knew more about the other reckoners past life and also the epics past life. This is probably because he has other books but I just haven’t read them. I wanted to learn more about the factory that he had school in to and how that effected his life.

We are choosing to to the podcast. We are going to do it about living and just being alive. This is important because he finally learns what its like to live and not be so obsessed with revenge. He develops relation ships with people and it changes him.

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