Book Show & Tell: Anna Dressed in Blood

So I’m not a huge fan of scary things but this book was pretty good! It is about a boy named Cas and he is part of a bloodline that kills ghosts. In the beginning we find out that his father gets killed by a ghost which passes on the legacy to Cas. He and his mom go around the world so Cas can kill ghosts. One ghost in particular catches his eye and he plans on getting her next, her name is Anna. Anna dressed in blood. Anna is a very powerful ghost and Cas isn’t able to kill her on his own, he finds out that Anna want to be killed and she doesn’t like that she murders whomever comes into her house. Cas connects with her and sympathizes with her. He makes a few friends and they form a witchcraft circle around Anna to weaken her and find out her story. They find her dress that she was supposed to wear to her dance and she puts it on and it lets her be herself instead of the evil Anna. Another ghosts comes and kills some people and it ends up to be the ghost that killed Cas’s father. Cas and Anna really like each other so Anna agrees to help him kill the ghost, Anna ends up having to bring him and her far under the earth never to come up again. The book ends with Cas trying to figure out a way to get Anna back. I’d recommend this book if you like spooky and romance books!

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