Blog Post #6: Social Issues in my book

Some issues in our book are racism, domestic violence, bullying and stereotypes. There are some places that help with this, Safe UT is an example of a place to help. Social services helps with abuse in the home. You can talk to counselors or a trusted parent or teacher that can help with bullying and self-esteem. The author created two main characters that both go through different social justice issues. This helps us see into some different issues and how they deal with them. Park is Asian and he deals with stereotypes with his mother being Korean. Eleanor is red head and a little bigger, she also is in a abusive home with her mom and her step dad. She also has lots of other little kids living in the abusive home with her. I like the book so far. I feel like it touches on the social issues really good and makes us actually see how it affects the characters. I have read a few social justice books and they are okay, but sometimes can make me sad and angry.

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