Blog Post #7: Talking Pictures


Talking Pictures:

The picture of the eye is for the eyeliner that Park puts on. His dad gets pretty angry but he likes it and Eleanor likes it. This is an important scene because its when Park realizes that he can be who he wants to be and he shoudn’t feel embarassed. 
The picture of the bus is stand for how they first met. Park saw Eleanor and didn’t really like her a lot. He finally let her sit down next to him on the bus but was sorta rude to Eleanor. The bus is where the whole relationship started. Park began bringing comic books for Eleanor to read and listen to music, this is when they found out they had similar interests.The picture of the comic books are for when Park loaned Eleanor his comic books for her to read. This was when they first started talking to each other. He would also loan her mix tapes and his walkman. The love for comic books, specifically the x-men comics, were the first thing they had in common.

I really enjoyed the book and I’ve finished it all! When I was reading and Eleanor had been running away from her family, I thought then that it would wrap up with Eleanor leaving Park. I didn’t want it to end that way but I got a little bit of Romeo and Juliet vibes that they wouldn’t be able to stay with each other. It turns out that’s how it ended. It didn’t tell us what happens after that which lets it remain a mystery if Park gets to see Eleanor again. I like that we don’t get to know cause it makes it a little more realistic and things don’t always turn out the way we want them to, but I was hoping for them a happy ending which I can still imagine happens. I think the book was really good and I’d recommend it to other people!

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