Blog Post #8: E&P Soundtrack

My group and I made a soundtrack that helped us represent the book Eleanor and Park and I liked a lot of the songs that we put together! A few songs that I think fit super well into the story are ” I want to hold your hand”, ” Wouldn’t it be nice”, and “Piece by piece”. “I want to hold your hand” by the Beatles is my favorite song from the soundtrack because I felt like it helps us see into Park and Eleanor’s mind a little bit. They just want to hold each others hand on the bus. I also feel it is very fitting because the Beatles were one of Eleanor’s favorite bands and she made Park a mixtape of their songs. I loved the young love feel to the book and that’s why we put in the songs “Love Story” and “Wouldn’t it be nice” because both of those songs were about how young love is a different kind of love and you feel you need the other. In the book when they were talking about Romeo and Juliet they talked a little about young love then too so “Love Story” was a perfect addition. I liked our soundtrack, I just didn’t know all of the songs that we put on there. What makes me a little angry about the book is that Richie never gets what he deserves. He made Eleanor’s life miserable as well as the rest of her family, I was hoping he’d get arrested for abuse but he never did. I’m sad we don’t get to find out if Park and Eleanor get to see each other again but I think it was a good way to end the book and let us imagine. I enjoyed the book a lot and would recommend it to others!

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