Book Show & Tell 2: The Unlikelies

I picked up this book because I found it at the dollar store and the cover was super cute! I didn’t think i’d ever read it, but I did. I was pleasantly surprised at how interesting the book was. It is about how Sadie was going to work at the farm stand and have a boring summer now that her best friend is leaving to a camp. One day at the farm stand an abusive dad leaves his baby in the car and she tries to save the baby. She gets the dad arrested and potentially helps the baby. She is invited to a luncheon for homegrown hero’s, nominated by an old man that comes to the farm stand a lot. At the luncheon she meets a lot of other people. Some she knew and others she just met. Sadie finds out that the old man who nominated her was dying and she visits him, He tells her that he left a suitcase that she needs to do good with. Sadie and her new found friends go on adventures and try and do small things like stopping cyberbullies online to help make the world a better and nicer place. Sadie finds jewels in the suitcase that are worth a lot of money. She doesn’t know what to do with them yet. The Unliklies help stop a drug house and help a friend get out of it and by then summer is almost over. So Sadie gives some of the jewels to her friends and she held on to the jewels for a good cause. I liked the book! It showed some struggle in all of the characters they all were unique and faced different things. I enjoyed one friend in specific named Alice, she’s dealing with a friend that is an addict. Alice struggles with knowing her friend is struggling but isn’t letting er help. I liked her because I was experiencing something similar to her. I’d recommend it to someone who likes rom-coms because there is also a love story intertwined with the story. Overall I really enjoyed the movie and i’m glad I picked it up in the dollar store when I did!

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