There it was, right in front of me, teasing me. I have been told not to do it so many times but yet I never listen. I know of the consequences, I really do, they’ll yell and get mad and I hate it when mommy’s mad, but it was so close and no one was watching, but if I did it, I’d have to have surgery again.

“mommy where are we going?”

“The hospital,” I remember there was a big blue building with tall tall doors. when we were in, there were nice girls at the counter, one of them gave me a lollipop. we saw doctor Brad Berry, but he didn’t look very happy. then we went into a very big room with lots of objects, there was water in a plastic bag with a tube at the end, some knives on a moving counter and a long black tube. doctor Brad Berry told me to lay down on a hard bed, it looked more comfortable then it was. then he started saying something about me being conscious and that it might feel a bit weird but I don’t really remember what he was talking about, I just remember looking at all the knives on the moving counter, they were all so shiny. He told me to open my mouth, then he started feeding the long black tube through my mouth, it slivered down my throat, it suddenly got harder to breathe, taking in bigger breathes slowly one at a time. then he said we were done and that he just had to take it back out. he started pulling it back out of me, it felt like when you have a strand of hair in your throat and your trying to pull it out. I started gaging and tiers formed in my eyes. finally the last of the tube was out, I started breathing rapidly to catch my breath. then I was out, I don’t know someone could fall asleep after something like that, but I did. the last thing I remember was them putting a weird mask on me that was spuing out air. I wake up feeling dazed and light. I sit up and see a moving counter covered in red paint but there were little objects on it, I remember thoughts, they were all the shiny objects I ate. but what were they doing outside my body? I start frantically looking at them, there were all the gems I ate, coins, razers, everything. I start graving as much as I could and shove it into my mouth. people surround me yelling, trying to get out my tiny pieces of joy, but I wouldn’t let them have it. eventually, they got them all and I was crying the entire way home. after that my mommy wouldn’t let me have shiny things and I definitely wasn’t allowed to swallow them.

“Brutilda it’s time to go!”

my mommy called from downstairs but I wasn’t done debating whether or not I should eat it. I grave the penny and plop it in my mouth. grinning out the door and down the stairs, I follow my mom front the door.

if you are confused or wont to read the first one, go see “I can use figurative language at the party”

2 thoughts on “suspense

  1. I like how from the very beginning of the story, I was pulled in. “What is teasing her?” was my almost immediate thought. Good job

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