I’m a Big Kid Now!

I have grown so much in all my impenetrable beauty and skills. As a person, no… as a student I’ve grown into an astonishing being. I have accomplished many things in my days but nothing as great as this year, I have learned the ways of complete concentration. I’ve trained my butt in only the hardest training, sitting for hours on end in a surprisingly uncomfortable set. I’ve created a new and improved word “alot” the beauty of combining two words that totally needed each other in every way, I’ve also improved the word itch to a simple 3 letter word “ich”, it just makes more seance okay. Shakespeare would be proud.

2 thoughts on “I’m a Big Kid Now!

  1. Nice. At least someone saw improvement, unlike some people *cough(me)*. And ima use that word now. Isa good word.

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