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May 15, 2020

Minecraft Museum

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In this Minecraft Museum I will be telling you how to make a diamond minecart. It is just a diamond block in a minecart, but it is still cool. Supplies: End table, diamond block, rails, a sticky pistion, block of redstone, and a minecart, of course. First you break a block in the the ground and place the End table Inside the ground and place ONE diamond block ontop with rail on it. Then place the minecart on it. Then break the diamond block and the minecart will fall onto the end table. Then place the sticky piston 1 block away. Then put the diamond block at the sticky part of the sticky piston. Then place the block of redstone behind the sticky piston. The piston will push the diamond block into the minecart without it moving. There you have it ! The Diamond Minecart.

May 14, 2020

Minecraft Museum: Story Mode: Off Of The Water

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Brooke and Sabastain were building a beautiful white birch base.They took some carpet and covered the floors. It was their 15th base they had made in this world. They were building the man cave when a creeper spawned and blew it up. “Great.” Sabastain complained.” We have to rebuild it.” “Well, now that it is gone, we can build it better.” Brooke told him. At 12:00 p.m they finally finished and fell asleep on the couch. That morning they went to the acacia base they had made the week before. They were very, very board. So they invited their friends, Henry and Max, who had found the end city, over to the base. Now Henry and Max suggested that they build a yacht. Brooke and Sabastain agreed. Henry and Max built the base of the boat and Brooke and Max built the inside part of the yacht. Then the all made the top off the yacht, wear the captain drove, and made a few bedrooms, Brooke, Henry, Sabastain, and Max started to drive it. When they reached a huge lake, a storm hit. huge waves drove them to the middle off the ocean slamming the boat. It started to sink! “Get a life boat, hurry!” Henry yelled. They all took their assigned wood boat and jumped into the water. They looked to right and saw a huge point of black and white wool. The yacht was sinking. They looked back, and then they bumped onto land. “Well, there is that” Sabastain complained. “It is ok, We have the life boats.” Henry told him. So they went off onto the water. “Maybe we can find some island we can spend the next week.” Brooke suggested. “Yeah.” Sabastain said. “I still got some Dark oak planks from the 3rd base, maybe we can set up camp there.””Yeah let’s go!” Henry said as they rowed of into the sunset.

April 20, 2020

My favorite foods

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I like a lot of foods, but my favorite foods are below.


This might be strange, but I really like healthy stuff. I really like Fruit. Vegetables sit in second.

My favorite meal is chicken and dumplings. It is just chicken noodle soup with huge noodles, and no vegetables.

My favorite deserts are strawberry sundae, smoothies, brownies, and ice cream.

I like any type of snack really, like chips, pretzels, apples, any snack.


I am more on the healthy side. Which side are you on?

April 2, 2020

Stuff to do during COVID-19

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1: backyard games such as latter ball, corn hole, etc.

2: Crafts and painting.

3: Call some friends.

4: watch TV.

5: climb trees

6: play Roblox, Minecraft, etc.

7: play outside.


March 13, 2020

Wings of Fire: The Dragonet Prophecy

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When the war has lasted twenty years…

the dragonets will come.

When the land is soaked in blood and tears…

the dragonets will come.


Find a Seawing egg of deepest blue.

Wings of night shall come to you.

The largest egg on mountain high

will give you the wings of sky. 

For wings of earth, search through the mud,

for an egg the color of dragon blood.

Hidden alone, from three rival queens,

a sand wing egg awaits unseen.


Of three sisters who, blister, blaze, and burn,

Two shall die and one shall learn.

If she bows to a fate that is stronger and higher,

She’ll have the power of wings of fire.


Five eggs hatch on brightest night,

Five dragons born to end the fight.

Darkness will rise and bring the light,

The dragonets are coming…




Minecraft Museum Story mode: The End City

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Henry and Max were just as bored as they could be. They were just lying around in their new-built Acacia plank base. They had plenty bases around their world so they always had one nearby when they went exploring. They didn’t really like call them “houses” because they didn’t stay one base full time. They were thirsty but they didn’t think to bring along any from one of their older bases. They had plenty of empty bottles but no river near. They had almost everything they wanted. Food, laptops, four TVs, you name it. Though there was one thing still missing…..water. They were struggling ever since Notch put a thirst bar in minecraft. They were explorers, so they decided to go to the nearest base with water, the East River base.

They packed food and armour, swords and picaxes, and their rain coats, obviously. The set of with shulker boxes as their suitcases, full of jackets, jeans, and tennis shoes. They had to spend the night at the Emerald forest camp. They hiked up the Diamond Pool trail, which is the lead trail to the Emerald forest. They were just halfway down the trail when Max was at three hunger bars. They only had two pieces of chicken and steak each. Max chowed down on the leftover mushroom stew from dinner the night before. Henry saw a sign they put down since they were new in this world.

“Emerald Forest Camp: 1/2 mile away” Henry read excitedly. They traveled and traveled until they both saw all different types of logs all covered in emerald green leaves. Max ran over to the blue tent on the left which was his favorite. Henry would claim the red tent himself, since that was his favorite. Henry started the camp fire while Max put steak on the wood. Max put on two for Henry, and two for himself. They sat at the camp table and ate. Then they saw another players’ deep in the emerald grass. It was Alex. She asked if she could stay too, since they still had the green tent on the far right. they all went to bed. The next morning Henry and Max said good-bye to Alex and set off. “Hey, why didn’t we get water from the lake?” Max said finally. “Because that village on the other side throws stuff like rotten flesh and old steak into it. Better we don’t poison ourselves.” Henry answered.

They just barely beat the sun to the East River Base. Henry cooked some pork chops and Max warmed up some beetroot stew and milked the cow. They sat down and chugged the milk down and ate all of their food. They needed water still, though. They took empty glass bottles and filled them up from the FRESH river by the base. They were bored. Again. “Hey, don’t you think we battled the Ender Dragon anoff ago that the second portal opened up?” Henry suggested. “It has been like five months. The west mountain base is just across the river. It has the portal in it. Let’s go.” Max said.

It took about ten minutes to get to the portal room. They passed the nether portals and then jumped into one of the end portals. They took some sand and ender pearls and built up to the second portal and threw the pearls into it. It took them to a place with what looked like large coral above ground. They turned around and saw a huge castle. Max said “No. It can’t be-” “The End City? Yeah.” Henry interupted. “Get hit by a shulker. We need to reach the top.” They ran over to the nearest shulker, got hit, and hovered fifty blocks up to the top. The took some blocks and made a path over to the End Ship. They explored the top of the ship and then went down the stairs in the back and ran into another shulker. Henry slammed it with his Diamond sword, slaying it. They couldn’t believe what they saw when they turned the corner. There, was two elytras and two chests in front of them. Then they realized it was the biggest shulker they faced. Both sliding out their diamond swords, they both slammed it into the shulker, giving them access to the treasure. They found their way back to the End Portal, bringing them back to the base. Best place to explore!

March 4, 2020

Differences between siblings

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My personality:



My little sisters personality:


Me and my sister do have different personalities, but I’m telling you. She is very cute.

March 3, 2020


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Me:(Fake laughs at little sister)


My little sister:

Meme series #5

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I went exploring to see wild animals. I want to find some a…….Is that a gorilla?


  I don’t need to see humans anymore in my life. I’m leaving.


  Hi gorilla. I’m going to call you forest. Don’t leave. Want some Ice cream?


I changed my mind.



Meme series #4

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  Get of the TV Brett.


   what’s your threat?



  Out of all the punishments, you give me the death stare.

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