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May 14, 2020

Minecraft Museum: Story Mode: Off Of The Water

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Brooke and Sabastain were building a beautiful white birch base.They took some carpet and covered the floors. It was their 15th base they had made in this world. They were building the man cave when a creeper spawned and blew it up. “Great.” Sabastain complained.” We have to rebuild it.” “Well, now that it is gone, we can build it better.” Brooke told him. At 12:00 p.m they finally finished and fell asleep on the couch. That morning they went to the acacia base they had made the week before. They were very, very board. So they invited their friends, Henry and Max, who had found the end city, over to the base. Now Henry and Max suggested that they build a yacht. Brooke and Sabastain agreed. Henry and Max built the base of the boat and Brooke and Max built the inside part of the yacht. Then the all made the top off the yacht, wear the captain drove, and made a few bedrooms, Brooke, Henry, Sabastain, and Max started to drive it. When they reached a huge lake, a storm hit. huge waves drove them to the middle off the ocean slamming the boat. It started to sink! “Get a life boat, hurry!” Henry yelled. They all took their assigned wood boat and jumped into the water. They looked to right and saw a huge point of black and white wool. The yacht was sinking. They looked back, and then they bumped onto land. “Well, there is that” Sabastain complained. “It is ok, We have the life boats.” Henry told him. So they went off onto the water. “Maybe we can find some island we can spend the next week.” Brooke suggested. “Yeah.” Sabastain said. “I still got some Dark oak planks from the 3rd base, maybe we can set up camp there.””Yeah let’s go!” Henry said as they rowed of into the sunset.

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