Book Declaration Term 3

For this term I have decided to read Bog Child by Siobhan Dowd. This book was published in September 9, 2008 by David Fickling Books. I chose to read this book because Mr. Green, my Popular Literature teacher from last term, recommended this to me.   Mr. Green said the book talked about the was the 1981 Irish hunger strike which is something I want to know more about.  Also, I really like mystery books and when I read the summary on the back it seemed like a good scary mystery story. There are 322 pages in the book. The main character is in this book is Fergus McCann.

Sioban Dowd wrote this book September 9, 2008 somewhere in Ireland or the United Kingdom. The book was inspired by the 1981 Irish hunger strike. Also, Dowd was a writer’s rights activist.

The story is about explains how bodies were found in bogs around the country. Fergus, the main character of the story, collected turf (soil) from bogs when one day he discovered a body of a young girl with missing limbs.  He suspects murder and the book is about his quest to discover who did it. My prediction is that Fergus discovers who it was.

Bog Child has 322 pages which means I need to read six pages a day to have my book read by February 28.


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