“Strange Fruit”

I have mixed emotions about this poem. It is well written and uses great imagery however, I do not like or agree with the subject matter. I feel that the author is trying to say that hanging black people in a tree because of the color of their skin was no big deal.  One minute you can be smelling magnolias and the next burning flesh. It was normal for that time period. It would happen and then the ashes would be there for birds to eat, rain or wind to take away.  I can not image my loved one being blow away or eaten by a bird. There was no dignity or respect for these people as individuals.

This is a season of change, a changing of the wind as the bodies are being blown and the voices moaning to the rhythm of the breeze. Poplar Tree, Strange Fruit, Black Presidents, The Better Man Project, Power To The People, Powerful Women, Social Justice, Awakening, Breeze



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  1. I’m not sure he’s saying it’s no big deal. I think he’s trying to show how horrific it was and how terrible it was that so many people in the South were treating the whole thing like it was no big deal.

    Good reading, Will.

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