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Stories and Garbage.

Alright, I read the story ‘A Jury of Her Peers’ and now must write about how it relates to me so… here we go.

This story is one big investigation within which the two women discover many things about their friend and her husband – the man that was murdered. The two figure out that their friend killed her husband because he was kind of a jerk and killed her pet bird; and at the end they decide to hide it from the men conducting the actual investigation. These two women decide to side with their friend instead of with the law, which shows their loyalty. Now, for how it relates to me. *Sighs*. Well, my friends are really loyal and probably would cover for me if I were to murder someone, and if one of my sisters or one of my friends were to kill someone I would try to cover for them as well. Although, to be honest, I probably would have thought it was my friend/family member from the beginning because quite a few of them could easily kill someone. I know this probably is not what our teacher is looking for but… oh well. This is what I got for you.

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  1. “Well, my friends are really loyal and probably would cover for me if I were to murder someone”

    Pretty matter-of-fact. I guess it’s nice to know who you can trust!

    • Brooklyn

      Yeah, although if I were to murder someone they probably wouldn’t believe it was me and interrogate me about who framed me and what kind of threats were they using to get me to take the blame for them. They are great friends, although sometimes a little too protective or scary. =)

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