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Suspense Time! (And wording experimentations)

Waking from my slumber, I found myself in a familiarly new place. Darkness surrounded me, and I felt the gentle yet firm pressing of the cloth upon my eyes and tongue. Again? I wondered. The tightly woven strands of straw half turned to gold bound my wrists and feet tightly.

Shifting my position, I curled to see if I was bound to anything. To my great relief, I was not. Spreading my arms wide, I slipped them around to the front; removing the bindings upon my vision and speech. Glancing around the space was smaller than the minivan trunks I was normally stuffed into, causing my claustrophobic instincts to itch for action. The knot which restricted the movement of my hands was a kind I had never seen before – which was strange, considering all the differing twists people have used to tether me before.

My head throbbed, aching from whatever they had used previously to sedate me. An alcoholic side with mere traces of what was most likely Cyanide (though no more of that than you would find in an apple seed); something meant to keep me incapacitated for a solid hour even after I woke. Estimating from the angry swarm of wasps swamping my skull, I would guess that the actual sedative part is one that has been used repeatedly against me since normal tranquilizers fail to reach that level of internal torture within a normal person.

Too bad for these guys, I am not ‘normal’. Never have been and never will be.

I hope you guys enjoyed! (And I hope it wasn’t total garbage like me and everything else I write =)

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