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Equality and Fairness.

Being equal and being fair are two very different things. Sure, we have all gotten mad when our parents are treating our sibling really nicely and then turn around and tell us that “It’s only fair.” Or we complain that “It’s not fair!” But are we correct when we say that, or do we really mean ‘equal’? Equal means that everyone gets the same stuff, whether they need it or not; whereas fair means that everyone gets what they need within the current situation. In our society today we frequently confuse the fairness of needs with inequality – and they are right, it is not equal, but that is a good thing – which often results in jealousy and bullying, which can cause imbalances within the world of confidence within which the people who (supposedly) should have confidence lack while those who should not within that area have plenty. Also, even when we are encouraging others to improve, we always react more to the big leaps made by normally negatively progressing people whilst not acknowledging the small consistent improvement made by those constantly working – making them feel as if their efforts are worthless.

Just a few thoughts.   =)

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  1. Adrianna

    I totally agree with you. I like how you defined equality and being fair.

  2. Venice

    Love your post! These are super deep thoughts that I think are good to hear. I loved reading this! your writing skills are really good especially with vocabulary. Great job!

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