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Thankful’s Giving

Alright time to write about what I am grateful for!

I am grateful for words like grateful; where it sounds like you are saying that the person is full of cheese graters or some other form of grate. Simultaneously, I am thankful for cats because cats are just the best (in my opinion, I know that many of you probably prefer dogs.) Additionally, I am glad to have my family. Sure, they tease me and fight with one another all the time but they are always there for me when I need a bank robbed or some other law broken. I am grateful for my friends and all the support they give me – honestly I am a little surprised that they still hang around when I make it so very clear how trashy I am – especially when I need it and it is some form of support that my family refuses to provide.  =)

There’s my list, I hope you all have lots to be grateful for as well!

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  1. I prefer dogs haha. And i love how you put a lot of thought into this!

  2. Emily

    I am also very thankful for cats, even though I’m allergic to them and touching them makes me explode like a balloon, I’m really thankful for their cuteness and that the world does not only have dogs, which I am also allergic to. Glad that you have such awesome friends for you in your life! And for the record you’re not trash 😉

  3. Reina

    This made me laugh. i also love cats and dogs, both are great im my opinion 🙂

  4. Adelaide

    I am grateful for cats too, and people are always hating on them just because they like dogs, or because the world says they are supposed to hate them. I am grateful for people who don’t hate cats just because the world tells them to.

  5. Michael

    Im not really thankful for cats. I am thankful for my family as well.

  6. Jaxon

    Question, Why would you need to rob a bank when you can just earn the money your self? But other than that i think that is really good for what you are grateful for

  7. Jonathan

    Brooklyn, stop lying to yourself. You are not trash, you are a wonderful human being with an amazing personality!

  8. Venice

    Good job! I also love cats a bunch. you have really good word choice!

  9. Austin

    great job i grateful for cheese graters because we would have cheese today and i also love cats too

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