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Halfway There

Reading: Well, for reading progress I have read 52 books (according to the 50 book challenge guidelines), and I would really like to try and get at least to 80 by the time Christmas Break is over. Every day this trashy thing has brought a book to read – mostly because I always have a book to read and will often read or write while sitting within my classes. I do not really know why teachers care so much about their students reading; reading allows you to step into a world that is not your own and since we are all teenagers and hate this world I would think that we would all love to read – so I guess what I fail to understand is mostly just why people would have to beĀ told to read.

Writing: With writing, I have improved a bit – although I suspect that might be more from writing fanfictions instead of from writing within English. Mostly what I have improved on is my conventions a little and on my flow (also known as forcing the ideas out onto paper despite writers block.)


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  1. Maycie

    52 books that’s so good! good job! I wish I could read as much as you. I have never really been a fan of reading but I’m trying to read more and try to like it.

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