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The Year of the Double Nat 20

It is now 2020, and we have 5 more months of school. Personally I want to try and finish the 50 book challenge at least 1 more time, although 2-3 more would be ideal. As a reader I would like to learn how to be even faster when reading and notice more of the tiny details like word choice that authors put into their books. Meanwhile in the writing department I would like to learn how to make my writings sound okay and keep the flow so that I do not have to put in random things just to keep my train of thought going. (Most of which I edit out.) My dream in life is to become an author, although since I know that that dream is impossible I am trying to be come a specialist in feline behavior, which I have done a bit of studying for. I am also going to try and be the best Dungeon Master (or Game Master as that is more accurate) that I can be for my players as I build them their next campaign.

That’s all! Bye!!

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  1. Emily

    Ahh I’m glad you have hopes to become a faster reader but you’re already such a fast reader!!! I come into class and you’ve already finished all of the books that were with you last period! And I believe that you could be a wonderful author, but good luck with the other career path if you choose to persue it! 🙂

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