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What Went Wrong

In History with Mr. Green today we talked about how the founding fathers firmly believed in unalienable rights for all, and yet still owned other people. Even after the civil war it took a century for the real rights to finally start emerging for colored people, and now we still have traces of racism within our communities. Some of what we have now is against other races while most of it is what I believe started everything in the first place; a feeling or a need to feel superior to others. These feelings of superiority have lived for millennia, everyone needing to be separate from everyone else because they are better than them. In reality they aren’t. These ideas of one person being better than someone else just because of some trait they have or something they can do are taught from a very young age and it seems that we have all forgotten just what it is to be equal to each other. It makes me kind of sad that we don’t seem to know how to fix this problem, especially since when you hold yourself higher than everyone else all that you get from it in the end is loneliness.

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  1. Zander

    I do feel that the fight was really just for nothing and we still used slavery.

  2. Braden

    We still have racism today in our word and it is not justified.

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