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Inner Voices

Alright, we are supposed to talk about our inner voice, but I have established at least four separate ones with their own personalities, so… This is going to be fun. The first voice (Who has been named the longest) is called Morro, he’s my inner demon. Next, there’s the more reasonable (but still okay with having a good time, as long as it’s the right time) Sarai, who tries to keep everyone on task and get things done that no one else really seems to care about. Then there’s the most inquisitive of the four Wayse, who often tries to remind me of my physical needs but still cares a bit about education and is surprisingly curious. Finally, there’s the most creative (and quiet) of the four Maellyn, who holds all my stories and often will change things while writing by simply taking over my hands and pulling the story in the direction she wishes.

So, those are my weird voices, bye!

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  1. Jordyn

    I love how you said that you have four separate voices, because it kinda seems like it. They are all having a conversation in the most important moments and don’t when they could. It can be annoying.

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