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Diving Deep Into the Past

Well, I don’t know that much about how my father grew up, but I do know a lot about my mother; so I guess I will be talking about her. My mother was born and grew up in Virginia. Her parents got divorced when she was young and she and her siblings had to live with their mother. She wasn’t very good with kids though, and often let her boyfriend do… inappropriate things to my mom. When she was about 14 she got to choose which parent she wanted to live with, and wisely chose her father. (Who had a bit of a drinking problem, but was not nearly as bad as my grandma – she could have been arrested for some of the things that had happened.) At some point, I don’t know what age she was, my mother joined a circus for the period of time it was there in her town. Eventually, she came to Utah to go to college and met my father, got married, had my two older sisters and me, moved to Pleasant Grove, and had my two younger sisters.

I hope you enjoyed…?

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  1. Olivia

    Joining the circus is really intersting. I think that would be fun, good job!

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