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Another’s Skin

When Atticus says that Scout needs to climb into another persons skin and walk around in it, he means that she needs to put herself in the other person’s situation and consider things from the previously mentioned other person’s point of view; a skill much more commonly known as empathy. Empathy can help everyone get along better with other people because not only does it require us to pay attention to others and learn how to interpret the individual’s body language (to a certain extent) but it also requires us to think what they might be thinking and think about other’s problems that they would have. Everyone has problems and we need to try and keep those in mind: fears and other character traits that they may not want to share aloud, but hint at it by their reactions to certain situations. Using our empathetic skill sets we can assess some of the things that others may need help with, and the more you pay attention to others’ needs the more people will notice when you need something. That’s why I think that empathy is important.

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