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Personally, I say why¬†not try? We all are going to lose in the end, so why not give it our all and be able to say that we did absolutely everything we could?! As long as what you are doing is good/does not hurt anyone/ helps people then what’s the harm? There is none. Some may argue that it takes some of your time or people may not like you as much for it, but my response is that you can never please everyone and it is always important to spend your limited time on the important things in life. In truth, we have nothing to lose except our souls, and pushing ourselves as hard as we can will only make that stronger. Sure, we will get some scars that not even death can heal, but we can forgive and persevere; push through what holds us back and break the chains of our mortality that hold us back from being the greatest version of ourselves we can be. Take the sword of control within our own lives, and if we cannot then we can at least try!

Oh, wow. That got awkward in the… entire time, actually.

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