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What I Would Miss

Honestly, if I had been born in that time period I probably would not miss modern conveniences because I would have never known any different. So for this I am going to assume that the question is pertaining to if someone shoved me back in time for whatever reason and I had to try and survive and blend in for who-knows-how-long. So… besides my friends I would probably miss the more equal attitudes we have now. All that racism and a bit of remaining sexism (which still exist, just maybe not as severe in our country anymore. Maybe…) would not be fun to be around. Plus the healthcare system would not be nearly what it is today. In addition – and possibly worst of all – the schools would be at a different level! That would mean that instead of learning quadratics in tenth and calculus in eleventh and getting to learn about chemistry and biology in high school, you would have to wait until college, or maybe even later! *Dramatic gasp*

Just how I would probably feel. Bye!

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  1. Michael

    i would miss my phone. i would miss alot of other things too

  2. Stephania

    I agree and think that it’s great that we get to live in this time period where we don’t have to deal with so much racism and being treated equal.

  3. Victoria

    I really think what you said it’s pretty cool, and you have good points.

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