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A Garden of Hearts

We, individually of course, were supposed to read the poem ‘Strange Fruit’. Personally, I rather dislike this poem and really any other works from the time period, mostly because I don’t fully understand what could cause people to be so intentionally cruel towards one another. Although, when I really think about it, I get it a little.

If everyone’s heart was a garden, and in our youth is when we learn to tend to it, over time some will grow beautiful, loving, forgiving flowers that all can see. We often describe those people as ‘glowing’, because they seem so strong to us; meanwhile in reality they may be rather weak and dark, they just work really hard on their garden and reap the benefits.

But the people in the south back then were not taught how to grow certain flowers, and it frustrated them when those flowers died. When they could not grow the love in their hearts with their tried and true methods, that frustration and guilt turned to the secondary emotion of anger, and got let out on the people those flowers were meant to be grown for. This beginning cruelty is often done in the form of mockery and other hurtful words, occasionally including things being thrown in an aggressive fashion. Those doing it expect it to be satisfying, yet do not realize that they are actually destroying their own garden more than the other person’s. When they do, they loathe to take the blame themselves, pinning it on the object of ridicule. This cycle goes around again and again until it somehow builds up to the point of murder.

My one question is: why does everyone try to hide their emotions behind a barrier of anger, when anger and hatred are simply destructive forces for both parties involved and never truly solves anything?

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