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Im a big kid now!

on May 6, 2020

This year my goal was to change the way I approached school and homework and not stress out my parents.  I feel like it was mostly the same and it was super stressful and my parents were really stressed with my homework and class load.  But then the Corona virus came and school got out and it made everything different.  I realized that doing online school was better for me and I have gotten my grades up higher than sitting in a boring classroom.  My parents have been way less stressed and we changed my schooling next year to mostly online school.  So I am relieved about that so I can have more down time and hang out with my friends and play Rocket League.  It was stressful finding the solution to school but I feel like I found a better solution for next year.

One Response to “Im a big kid now!”

  1. Mr. Green says:

    I’m glad this whole thing has been positive for you. I think the quality of your work has really improved this term. It’s been nice to see you reaching your potential!

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